Between 25th July and 8th August I embarked on a 12 day business mentoring trip, entitled ‘I Ching Adventure’ to China and Japan, taking in the breathtaking cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Kyoto and Tokyo.

It all started on 1st February 2018 when I attended an Entrepreneur Institute seminar, hosted by international business mentor Roger James Hamilton. That was the most inspirational day and I signed up to a year of business mentoring. Through regular webinars to Singapore, conventions in London and the highlight trip to Asia, I have absorbed a wealth of knowledge, re-thought many aspects of business, new approaches, markets and of course extended by business contacts globally.  Crucially, it is providing ‘continuous professional development’ for the strategic marketing advice we deliver to clients, providing tried and tested methodologies.

The’I Ching’ aspect that underpinned the trip, also known as the Classic of Changes or Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese text and the oldest of the Chinese classics. The I Ching is an influential text read throughout the world, providing inspiration to the worlds of religion, psychoanalysis, business, literature, and art. Roger Hamilton has created his own business application of I Ching through his programme Wealth Dynamics and Vector cards.

Throughout the trip the Eastern approach to business was examined and we met many entrepreneurs who have created exponential businesses. In Shanghai, the fastest growing city in the world, we met the founder of Co Work whose business is only 3 years old but has already created 20 co-working spaces. In Kyoto we met Ikko Kobayashi, who has built 500 successful businesses. His seminar ‘Core Business Spirit of Japan – the secrets of never ending prosperity’gave fascinating insights. Whether it was the Samurai, Ninja, Kung Fu, Tai Chi or business master that we met, the universal answer of all was that the power lies within and the key is to slow down to speed up.

In addition to the business aspect and incredible sights, I had the privilege of meeting 65 entrepreneurs from all over the globe and listen to their business approaches and experiences. I know have friends from Australia, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa and Seattle and the wider community on line have the view that if you need to ask for help, advice or business it’s a given!

Sarah Clemson