Do I mean in life, as a person, as a business, or as a brand?
You have the capacity to chart your own life, form your own vision, make your own reality.
Are you still curious, open to ideas, pushing the boundaries – on a mission?
What do you stand for?
We can all work through the weeks and months, dealing with the day to day running of life and business, focusing on the project in front of us and the revenue. What if I was to suggest that focusing on the higher goals would bring greater satisfaction, return and profit.
Even in the present world of technology and digital, the old saying ‘people buy people’ is as true as ever. Behind every laptop, app, social media post, video, website, and e mail there is a human being making an emotional decision or purchase.
I realise I have 30 years of human observation through one channel – marketing. I am more driven today than I was when I started my first business at the age of 24. I am passionate about what I do and am curious to learn more, hear more, experience more. I know my purpose – it is to be a guide, a pathfinder to a destination, to see the route to scale and grow. Regarding co-ordinates and destinations, there’s a story behind Latitude and Longitude, and Ninety Degrees before it, but that’s for another day.
In this present day it is not enough to simply follow profit, we need to solve a human problem with the power of our brand and our actions. We need to drill into our mission and create impact through purpose – to add value, improve and enrich lives.
How does this relate to you and your brand?
As an example, as a lawyer you may think you only supply legal advice, you don’t. Look at it from the problem you solve, start from your clients perspective and work backwards to you. You support and steer a person through a personal crisis such as a divorce, a custody battle, a breakdown of a business, a partnership fallout. You’re not delivering a product or service, you’re delivering a benefit. You’re creating impact!
A brand that truly defines its purpose, mission and value to a client/customer will not be selling anymore but will be attracting, connecting and converting.
If you’re keen to find your purpose and voice and relate it to your brand to reach a destination, then I am keen to hear your story.
Sarah Clemson