LATITUDE believe in establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. Empathy and understanding are a given and we start to live and breathe your business.

With this in mind we have developed marketing packages to maximise your budget and ensure that your marketing doesn’t become an afterthought. Monthly payments split over a 6 or 12 month period, demonstrating commitment and intention on both sides.

Call us on 01200 538385 if you would like to discuss marketing your business.

SHERPA is our new transformational business programme guaranteed to create growth, and make you, your business and your team positively thrive in 2023.

SHERPA is a powerful in person experience, an individual guided programme led by Sarah Clemson and Andy Henderson. With Sherpa, you get a seamless pathway that combines sales, marketing, mentoring, and operations, so you can boost your profitability with clarity, confidence, certainty and consistency.

With an emphasis on strategic marketing we have three levels of service to access:


Designed for businesses who are launching and looking to make an impact. Aimed at small start-ups looking to establish their identity, web, social media and print presence and gain a foothold in their market.

This package includes marketing advice, brand creation, the ‘look and feel’ for all marketing items thereafter, a WordPress fully responsive website (SEO ready), social media establishment and literature formats, advert and signage design. All printing and other production costs are charged separately.

Price quoted exclusive of VAT.

From £600 per month for a 6 month period


Designed for businesses looking to take their existing marketing to the next stage. An established SME able to invest more in their marketing, increase their profile, grow their community and generate more traffic and traction.

Generally they will require a marketing evaluation and the formation of an annual strategic marketing plan which will define objectives and lead to the creation and completion of specific campaigns.

This package includes, a review of existing marketing activity, setting of objectives, and creation of a marketing plan. Evaluation of content, message and the design of the brand, website, social and printed items, on-going maintenance and input to the website and social media platforms. Monthly marketing advice and a 2-hour meeting to implement, review and respond to changing business factors throughout the year.


Designed for large corporates who need on-going monthly marketing execution across a larger span of departments or marketing platforms. A total marketing solution to reach audiences, audit, adjust and conquer the market.

  • Strategy – brand / re-brand, rationale and message
  • Creation – design, copywriting, imagery, video
  • Medium – websites, social media, ebooks, email, print, digital advertising, investment pitch decks
  • Digital Intelligence – SEO & Digital Analytics, Media Presence, Reputation Auditing and Management, and Horizon Scanning.
  • Public Relations