Marketing Assets



Ballistiglass are a US based company, harnessing technology to deal with modern day threats, such as terrorism and pandemics to safeguard the public.

The project included a rebrand of their lead identity and a series of sub-brands for their suite of products. The main item was a new, fully responsive Word Press website and SEO for optimum operation.

Steve Steinman, Director of Sales Western United States at Ballistiglass remarked;

“I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say we love our new website. Since it’s gone live we have seen a definite uptick in quality and quantity of business that is directly attributable to our new look. The new website is a game changer!! Thank you so much!!”

“We received an opportunity to work with the largest shopping mall company in the US since our site has gone live… way that happens without your help. Thanks again Latitude!”

Ballistiglass website