Latitude Studios help Manchester Science Park start-up – Levitex – grow from initial brand to Kickstarter Success

In this industry we find ourselves working on a huge variety of projects, no two days are the same. When we were approached by James Leinhardt to work with him on his start up project, we knew there was something different and incredibly exciting about the product. James is CEO of Levitex – the innovative sleep solution set to change the way we all sleep.
Levitex is a new polyurethane foam that is the only product on the market that address all three key issues that contribute to a restful sleep, posture, pressure and proprioception. By addressing these three elements you can vastly improve neck and spine alignment which prevent and eases neck and back pain. Levitex was founded and created at the Manchester Science Park.

Latitude were chosen to work with James and his team taking Levitex from initial branding ideas, packaging, social media, right through to their product launch – The Gravity Defying Pillow – as a Kickstarter campaign – which launched on 2nd October and becoming fully funded in only 3 days. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/levitex/levitex-gravity-defying-sleep

During the campaign Levitex sponsored Sale Sharks Rugby team for their 2019/20 season. Their senior academy players are all using Levitex Pillows and shortly the rest of the 1st team squad will receive theirs, alongside a limited edition, neoprene, travel bag, that they can use to take their pillow to away games.

Following their work with Sale Sharks, Latitude created the Sleep for Sport Program for Levitex aimed at educating athletes in the importance of sleep to rest, recover and rehabilitate, improve performance and maintain their careers. They are now working with Preston North End, Surrey Cricket club and Chelsea Ladies FC as well as Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Latitude are helping to promote Levitex across their social social media platforms too.

Following on from the momentum of the Sleep for Sport campaign, Latitude are in the process of developing a Sleep for Business campaign. Working on the same principles that sleep is needed to rest, recover and rehabilitate, we will be aiming to work with business to educate their employees on the importance of sleep and the imapact it has on the number of days lost per year. If this is something that interests LBV HUB Members then please get in touch.

This has been a passion project for everyone in the Latitude team and has become a 24/7 project, constant kickstarter and social media monitoring as well as product testerss, with our directors crediting the Levitex products having “changed the way they sleep”.
Find out more at www.levitex.co.uk