A recent instruction by the owner of a Funeral Directors presented an unusual marketing enquiry recently. Lianna Champ, Director of Champ Funeral Services, needed a Training Manual to accompany a Seminar and potential Lecturer tour aimed at helping carers in Care Homes tackle difficult conversations around grief and loss.

Lianna has just published her own book entitled, ‘How to Grieve like a Champ’ a truly valuable book covering the many aspects of living and coping with grief and loss. Springhill Care Homes were so impressed by the book they called on Lianna’s expertise to help and invest in their teams’ development. Latitude translated the book into a Training Manual and Powerpoint presentation, editing the original book and applying to this new audience. The manual acted as a ‘take-home workbook’ and included areas for personal observations, timelines and notes.

The whole project was thought provoking and working with Lianna and Carl inspiring.